Sunday, September 2, 2007


Well we are home, we are glad to be here. We already miss Germany ;)! Enjoy, some more pictures which are forthcoming. I will maintian this site for awhile longer because a few friends from the program are checking it out and so forth, feel free to post a message!! Ryan and Anna

Friday, August 31, 2007

all better now...

you can post again. Here are some pics of our going away party last night. Enjoy c soon. we are very busy tonight. we have befriended some local germans and they inist on partying with us tonight. (which is of course no problem!!!). We will be leaving at 530 am saturday which is 1130pm tonight for you guys back home. Thats really confusing but we are in the future like Marty Mcfly!!! we will update the blog tommorow also, you can see us at the airport, train station and all of that good stuff. C u tommorow night, we will be dead tired and completley jetlagged so forgive us in advance if we are not as enthusiastic when we get home!!!!! tommorow is going to be crazy, we are talkin some serious traveling!!!!
So, bis später (till later), tchüß, Anna und Ryan

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hallo aus Berlin

Hallo everyone, we are in berlin shopping at a HUGE mall. It is called Diamler chrysler world. i happened to walk by a Pay computer and noticed it still was on, so i hopped on it to say hi to everyone, from anna also. Belrin is such an amazing place i havent the time to even try to explain all that is here. we will have pics up tommorow. we have been shopping like crazy luv ya all.... Tchüß Ryan and Anna

Monday, August 20, 2007

Guten abend von Deutchland....

Halo, we are in the computerlab breifley.... we posted a couple pics, there should be more soon. Tonight we made homemade pizzas with salad and some cake for desert. we rented some bikes and are rinding our butts off!!! We are buying train tickets so we have to go. Love all, Tchüß, Ron and Jan

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guten Tag!

Hi there everyone! Gram i'm so glad to hear from you.. Yeah, there is some homework, but the real deutsch homework is making our way around here, EVERÝTHING is in german, so simple tasks are sometimes not so simple... Ha Ha!!! Thats ok, we are having a great time.

I can't believe we are alread halfway through our trip! It feels like we just got here yesterdaY.

Ryan is feeling a lot better today, so we've been out and about. We just had the most sinful ice cream desert creation masterpiecce EVER! There are icecream cafe's on every corner of Weimar, it's perfect. We were talking about how if it were ever worldly/financially possible we would bring some back for everyone.

The computer lab is closing now, so we hope you guys like the pictures, and we'll post soon!

Luv all you Hans', and I wish you the best travels to DC this weekend! Have fun!

Mom and Dad I hope you have a good weekend on the water, and I miss you and love you very much! Word to my brother.
p.s. give grampa ful this website please, or i'll have to call him.

Annie and Ryan

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

Party like its 19 something or rather...

Tommorow we are taking a train to Eisennach. We are going to martin luthers haus (he translated the bible into german for the first time YIIIPPPEEEEEE), bachs haus und someother dead german guy's crib. We will have some cool pics, i think its in some mountains... we are going to a karaoke party tonight in the club that we live on top of. It is a student club so all students in town go there all day and night, drinks are really cheap and shananigans doesnt cost extra. Last night it was a slasa party all night but we had homework and laundry and just relaxed a bit we have been going and going and going. We have some cool friends from Iran, Uzbekistan, Romania and Austria that we hang out with. They all speak english and for some reason like to hear us talk... we are having a great time, Janelle i will tell Annie to check the blog she will be happy to hear from you (she is anti-technology i think!!!!) Tchüß Ryan